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Dog Food Toppers

Dog Food Toppers. Adding toppers to your dog's daily meals helps add protein, moisture and variety to their bowl.

Dog Food Toppers

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Dog Food Toppers

Dog food gravy adds a savory taste to your dog’s favorite food. If your dog is a picky eater, try finding a dog food topper that they enjoy to increase their interest in mealtime. Dog food toppers are the perfect compliment to a meal of dry kibble, wet food, or raw food. They are made with bite-sized bits of protein including pork, lamb, and salmon, as well as vegetables and fruits, perfect for supplementing your dog’s healthy diet. If your dog has food sensitivities, try a gluten or grain-free dog food topper or treat. Once you find your pup’s favorite food gravy, sign up for Petco’s Repeat Delivery to get a discounted price. And be sure to browse our selection of dog feeding accessories, including bowls, placemats, and water fountains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog food toppers offer additional nutrients and can be given as a part of your pet’s diet or as a treat which can be added to your dog's normal meal. Discuss your dog’s diet with a veterinarian to find out if dog food toppers are a good choice for your pup.

Gravy toppers can enhance the taste of your pup’s kibble. Petco offers a variety of dog food toppers that your companion is sure to love. Always consult with a veterinarian to discuss your dog's dietary and nutritional needs before adding toppers to their meal.

Simply add dog food toppers to the top layer of your dog’s meal. Dog food toppers can be mixed with wet or dry dog foods.

Dog food toppers are specifically created to enhance the taste and nutrition of your dog’s meal. Discussing your pup’s dietary and nutritional needs with a veterinarian can help you better understand if your companion would benefit from dog food toppers.