Dog Feeding Syringes and Supplies

Pet feeding syringes can be a good tool to have on-hand for dog parents. There are many reasons why your pup might not be traditionally consuming food or medicine. Older pets or those with illnesses can sometimes lose their appetite or aren’t able to feed themselves. If your dog has teeth or gum issues, it may be difficult for them to chew. Puppy feeding syringes can also be used if your dog is too young to eat solid food and cannot be nursed by the mother by helping to simulate the real milking action. Pet syringes may also be handy for dispensing dog medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to consult your veterinarian on the correct feeding schedule, feeding method and food for your dog. If your puppy is a newborn and has developed a suck reflex, teat and puppy feeding syringes can be an excellent solution.

Visit your favorite neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center to pick up the approved food and your feeding syringe for dogs. We carry large syringes for feeding adult dogs or smaller puppy bottles and nursing kits for your pint-sized pups.

Load the syringe with food or medication depending on its use. It may be necessary to add a little water to wet food to make a semi-liquid mixture or use a food processor or blender. Gently insert the syringe into the corner of your dog’s mouth and—slowly— depress the plunger, allowing the food to flow onto their tongue so they can swallow. You should never squirt food or water down your pet’s throat or dispense it too fast, as this may cause them to breathe the liquid into their lungs, leading to pneumonia or other lung issues. Once the dog syringe is empty, make sure you clean it thoroughly.

Feeding syringes for dogs can be an effective way to get water and vital nutrients to your pet who may be having trouble eating or drinking. It’s best to try to keep your dog calm. Putting a drop or two of the liquid food on the tip of the syringe and seeing if your dog will lick it off might help to whet their appetite. Soothing pats and words of encouragement should also help calm your dog and help make them feel more comfortable with the process. Follow the feeding with lots of praise so your pup knows that dog syringes can be a good experience.

Petco has a great selection of dog bowls and feeding supplies in addition to your dog syringes. For pet parents and pups on the go, check out our dog water bottles. It’s always a good idea to stock up on dog health and wellness solutions to help make your pup as happy and comfortable as possible.