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Walk Through Dog Gates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some dogs can jump over pet gates, so that’s why we sell extra tall dog gates to help make it harder for your energetic or mischievous pup to jump over their barrier. Purchase a tall gate to help keep your dog secure and contained.

The height of your dog gate depends on the size and temperament of your pup. We have extra tall dog gates, reaching 39- to 41-inches for those especially energetic, large dogs or even small clever escape artists. Standard dog gate heights run from 24- to 36-inches. If you have a small- to medium-sized dog or an older or very well-behaved dog, the standard size will often provide enough of a barrier.

The shortest walk-through pet gate available at Petco is 24-inches high. This height should work for small- to medium-sized dogs and older or less mobile dogs who may not be able to jump over the gate.