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Leather Dog Leashes

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Leather Dog Leashes

Petco has a variety of leather leashes for pet parents looking for a sleek, reliable leash that looks good while providing strong, clear control. We have both 5-feet dog leashes and 6-feet leashes for dogs who do well with more slack while establishing clear boundary limits.

FAQs About Leather Dog Leashes

Leather leashes can be sensitive, so you don’t want to be aggressive while cleaning. Saddle soap is one solution. You’ll want to wipe the leather down with a soft, wet cloth first to remove dirt particles, then use the saddle soap. Allow it to dry completely. Saddle soap can be toxic to dogs if ingested, so saddle soap may not be a great option if you have a chewer. Instead, you can use dog shampoo to clean your leash. After cleaning, hang in a well-ventilated area to dry.

Slip leads for dogs in leather is an option that allows you quite a bit of control over your dog. It’s extremely important to use them properly. Improper positioning could hurt your dog. You want to make sure you put slip leads high on the neck—the correct position is under the jaw and behind the ears. You also want to make sure your dog is at your side and not in front of you. You’ll want to correct your dog by pulling the leash sideways, not back.

A gentle leader is also a good tool, especially for small dogs. It puts any pressure they create from pulling on their snout, which is a bit harder for them to ignore. Fit is critical—you want your dog to be comfortable unless they’re pulling. Dog training and dog training and behavior supplies are also essential. You can pair gentle leaders with a leather dog leash and collar for a chic doggie look that withstands.

Leather is one of the most durable leash materials—even more durable than nylon. If taken care of properly—and your pup doesn’t chew them—leather leashes may have a very long lifespan. Besides longevity, leather leashes are often more comfortable for pet parents. The grip is soft, and it doesn’t tighten painfully when your pup sees a squirrel and goes into pursuit mode. Leather dog leashes can be an excellent investment.