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Dog Poop Bag Holders & Dispensers | Petco

Never leave home without the proper equipment to do your dog duty with Petco’s selection of poop bag holders.

Picking up your pooch’s trophies they bestow during your daily walks together is just one of the responsibilities of being a pet parent. Bringing a dog poop bag holder along ensures that you’ll never be without the tools of the trade. You’ll find that many of these poop bag dispensers have a handy carabiner to attach to your pet’s leash ensuring that you don’t forget it before you leave your house, while others have a wrist loop allowing you to keep a hand free.

Besides being easy to carry with you, dog bag dispensers have easily accessible lids or openings allowing you to refill them when your supply is getting low. Moreover, you’ll find that the dog poop bag holder’s side opening allows you to quickly access a sack to stow away your pup’s poo. Besides being extremely useful, Petco carries dog poop bag dispensers in a variety of fun colors. You’ll find stimulating striped patterns and playful prints to make your poop bag dispenser as eye-catching as it is convenient.

Help keep your neighborhood clean and your neighbors happy with Petco’s selection of dog poop bag holders and dispensers.