Round Dog Beds

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Round Dog Beds

The round bed is a popular dog bed choice, and it’s no wonder. Providing your pup with a fluffy round dog bed is the perfect way to ensure your pet has the most comfortable place to sleep. Shop our round dog beds along with dog blankets and throws.

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of dog bed that’s best for your pup depends on how they like to sleep. Some dogs prefer to stretch out when they sleep. If your dog is a sprawler whose legs are seldom tucked in, a large rectangular bed might be best for your dog’s sleep style. However, many dogs—regardless of size—enjoy curling up and tucking in for the night, at least some of the time. If this sounds like your pup, a round dog bed is probably the right choice.

Once you’ve determined what kind of sleeper your dog is, you can choose which specific style of round pet bed suits them best. Bolster dog beds with protective sides that make them feel somewhat enclosed and secure might be coziest to some dogs. If you have a large or active dog whose joints are under strain during the day due to their size or activity level, they might feel most comfortable in a big round dog bed with a pillow shape that cushions and relieves joint pressure while they sleep. Petco has a variety of circle dog bed options to suit the needs and preferences of many different dogs—and their pet parents.

If you’ve ever watched your dog circle a dog bed before lying down, you might have wondered where this behavior comes from. Dogs do this instinctually because, before domestication, canines had to make their own beds out in the wild. Circling a spot on the ground was a way to create a nest in the dirt, brush, snow or other terrains. Your dog may retain this outdoorsy nesting instinct, but they’ll be much happier with a nice round dog bed to lie in.

Dogs aren’t one-size-fits-all, and dog beds come in a variety of sizes to match. The best round dog beds are big enough to keep dogs from getting cramped while being compact enough to make them feel secure. In general, it’s a good idea to get a bed that’s at least as long as your dog is from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail—even if your pup likes to sleep curled up. A slightly too-large round dog bed is always preferable to a too-small one, so if you’re in doubt, size up. And if you have a puppy, it’s not a bad idea to get a circle pet bed big enough for them to grow into. Just make sure they don’t have a hard time getting into or out of their round bed.