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Dog Blankets, Throws & Covers

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Blankets for Dogs and Puppies

Blankets serve a number of aesthetic and functional purposes for your dog. They provide a cozy spot for your pup to nuzzle during nap time and can also be used to enhance your dog’s comfort in their existing bed, couch, or crate.

FAQs About Dog Blankets

Whether your dog likes a blanket will depend on the specific personality of your dog. Some dogs enjoy nuzzling underneath or on top of blankets. At Petco we offer a wide selection of dog bedding, regardless of their preferences. Find various bedding styles including bolster dog beds, covered, heated, and elevated options.

In addition to washing your dog’s blanket, you can remove dog hair using a lint brush, wet washcloth, or specialty dog hair roller.

There is no one preferred dog bedding material. Petco offers blankets in a variety of materials including polyester, nylon, microfiber, and more.

Certain crates (like wire crates) can be more open than others. You can add a blanket or cover to your crate to help your pup feel more secure and comfortable in their space.