Small Dog Beds

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Small Dog Beds

Your little pup deserves to nap like royalty. And small dog beds are a great way to keep teacup and small breed dogs comfortable while they snooze. If you want to encourage your dog to stay off your own bed, set them up with a cozy place to rest nearby. Or get multiple small dog beds to keep around the house. Dog beds are also great for keeping your pet comfortable during travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, dogs like to be comfortable when they sleep—just like people. Plus, your dogs may experience everything from hip dysplasia to arthritis as they age. A supportive dog bed can help aging pets with joint pain and related issues get good sleep. While dog steps and ramps can help older pets get onto your bed, having their own place to sleep is the best way for dogs to get undisturbed sleep.

Dogs have personal preferences just like people. Some pets may prefer a firmer surface, while others like a plush dog bed. That being said, some of the best dog beds for small dogs are firm enough to provide support and soft enough to cradle their joints. Dogs who live in warmer climates may need a firmer bed because these beds have less cushion can help them avoid getting too hot. Older dogs may require softer beds that softly hug their joints.

Some dog beds are machine washable. These beds can be put through a gentle cycle and come out as good as new. And some dog beds will have machine washable covers that you can take on and off. Other dog beds should be cleaned by hand. For these beds, you can start by vacuuming the bed thoroughly before you apply a pet-specific odor and stain remover. If your bed is not machine washable, consider getting a removeable cover that can be put into a washing machine as needed.

Yes, the best crate set up for dogs will include a comfortable bed inside the crate. Many dog crates and kennels are in similar shapes and sizes to accommodate a dog bed. Put a chew-proof dog bed into the crate for young pups and use round dog beds for small dogs who are traveling and need a safe place to curl up. Adding a dog bed to a crate or kennel can help your pet acclimate to the space.

Memory foam is made of polyurethane foam that is designed to be very elastic. It allows your dog to sink into the bed, adjusting around your pet’s shape to provide support. Memory foam beds are easy on joints. Pets who prefer soft beds may enjoy a memory foam dog bed.