Large Dog Beds

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Large Dog Beds

If you’re a pet parent of a large breed dog, your dog needs a bed to match their size. A large dog bed can provide the structure, support and comfort that your big pup won’t get from a bed made for smaller dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our large dog beds are available in a range of sizes.

A standard Large-sized rectangular dog bed might be approximately 40” L X 30” W X 7” H. However, the size of your large dog bed depends on the type you choose. We have circular dog beds with padded bolstered sides. Or you might go for a dog sofa bed for big dogs to have a stylish couch of their own to lounge on in the living room.

Dog beds for large dogs provide enough space for your big pup to stretch out, curl up and settle in for a good nap. An ideal large dog bed will be built to accommodate both your dog’s size and weight, with dimensions that may be up to 3-feet wide and which can hold dogs weighing 50 lbs. or more. If your dog weighs over 100 lbs.—for instance, a Mastiff or a Bernese Mountain dog—you’ll want to look for an extra-large dog bed.

Start by vacuuming or brushing as much hair off the surface of the bed as you can. Next, check the washing instructions to see whether the bed can be put in the washing machine. If it can’t, hand-wash the bed using mild laundry soap, and be sure to rinse out all soap to avoid irritating your dog’s skin. Dry your large dog bed in a dryer or hang-dry it, depending on the care instructions.

Orthopedic dog beds can give your long-legged, big dog the extra joint support their large frame needs. Orthopedic dog beds are often stuffed with supportive yet comfortable materials such as memory foam or feather down. They come in many shapes and sizes—from stately luxury dog beds and couches to simple rectangular mattress pads.

What makes a dog bed orthopedic is its structural design to support and relieve pressure on your dog’s joints through both its construction and the materials used. An orthopedic dog bed can sometimes help stave off some of the hip and joint issues that large breeds are prone to as they get older, so it’s a good idea to consider getting a large dog bed in an orthopedic style even when your big dog is young and active.