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Dog Sweaters

Keeping your pet cozy and warm in the cooler months may be a breeze when you get them a soft and comfortable puppy sweater. Petco offers a selection of cute sweaters for dogs and other dog and puppy supplies, whether your pup is a tiny teacup or extra-large breed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time for your pup to wear a sweater is most likely when they need some extra warmth. Bigger pets can wear large dog sweaters, but they are sometimes less likely to need thick sweaters in colder temperatures, especially if they have a lot of fur. But toy or smaller breeds, older dogs and pups with thin coats may be more comfortable wearing sweaters for dogs than going without.

Some pups enjoy the comfort of dog sweaters and may feel great wearing them around the house. If your dog isn’t used to wearing clothing, make sure to reward them for accepting the sweaters and provide plenty of positive reinforcement.

Getting your pup the proper size in their sweater will often require taking some simple measurements. Most sweaters for dogs are sized by measuring your pet’s back length and chest girth. To find your dog’s back length, simply measure from the base of their neck to the base of their tail. For chest girth, measure around their ribcage just behind their front legs. It can also be helpful to know your dog’s weight to help make sure you’re getting the right size sweater. 

Your pet’s sweater should be fitted but not tight or constricting in any area. Your pup should be able to move freely without anything dragging or hanging. If your pet seems distressed or uncomfortable, remove the dog sweater right away.

In general, a sweater for dogs is most often used when they need warmth. To help calm your pet, dog anxiety vests may sometimes be a better option. These vests are designed to be snug in a way that might help soothe your pet.

If your big dog needs an extra cozy addition to their wardrobe, shop for dog sweaters for large dogs online or at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center.