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dog anxiety vests & shirts: dog calming jackets & shirts

Shop for dog anxiety and calming vests, shirts and jackets at Petco to help your pup find relief during stressful moments. It's heartbreaking to see your furry friend shiver, hide, whine and look to you in despair whenever they're confused or unsure about their surroundings. Fortunately, dog calming vests can help keep your furry friend comforted and relaxed during situations that may cause them to feel uncomfortable or fearful. These dog anxiety vests are designed to provide gentle and constant pressure to your pup’s body, which can produce a welcomed relieving effect. Some dog anxiety shirts boast being wearable medication-free solutions that can be used to help reduce tension due to travel stress, fear of thunder or other loud noises, and other canine anxieties. A dog calming shirt is also handy during routine visits to the vet or during visits from new guests to your home.

The chest strap on most dog anxiety jackets keeps them in place without restricting your pup’s breathing or movement, so they can calmly enjoy their day without limits. Most of these dog anxiety shirts come in different sizes with adjustable straps, so you can purchase the best fit for your pup’s size and body type. Once in place, the dog anxiety shirt’s produces a soothing effect on their nervous system, which can help reduce many destructive stress-related behaviors in most canines. Although no training is required for using some medication-free dog calming vests, they can be worn as part of a larger treatment program with the consultation of a behaviorist. Prepare for your canine’s next encounter with a stressful situation by ordering a dog anxiety jacket from Petco today.