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Dog Hats & Beanies

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Dog Hats, Beanies and Bonnets

You spend a lot of time picking out your clothes and trying to look your best—and your dog deserves the same attention. Dog hats and other dog apparel can make your dog look stylish and help keep them protected against harsh weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many dog hats have elastic or Velcro to fasten under the chin, but that might not be enough to keep a hat on a dog who isn’t fond of such fashion. At first, hats are strange things to dogs, so it might take some training for your dog to be open to wearing a hat.

To get your dog to allow the hat to stay on longer, slowly introduce the hat. Bring it out, let them sniff it. Continue doing so for a few days. When your dog is used to the hat, put it on and reward your furry friend for leaving it on.

Yes, dogs should wear hats if they need additional protection from the weather. Sun hats for dogs are excellent at protecting sensitive skin from UV rays and keeping the sun out of your dog’s eyes. Even though dogs’ heads are covered in fur, most breeds are not built to withstand the extreme cold for long periods. A dog beanie hat will help to keep your dog snug, and hats with flaps are especially helpful in keeping the thin skin of your dog’s ears warm.