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Dog Apparel and Accessories

Few things are cuter than dogs in clothes, but dog apparel is not always just for looks. From keeping them warm to letting their unique personality shine, dog accessories can add just the right touch. Help protect your dog from the elements with cozy dog hats and beanies, or match their dog collar with a printed dog bow tie for a dapper combination. Useful or cute, dog accessories can help your pet live their best life.

FAQs About Dog Apparel and Accessories

To find dog clothing that fits your pet, you’ll need to take your pup’s measurements. Before you begin, grab a tape measure and remove your dog’s collar. Start with their neck and wrap the tape measure until it reaches a snug but not too tight fit. This will give you the measurements for a dog bandana, collar or dog scarf.

Next, wrap the tape measure around the broadest part of their chest and add 1-2 inches to make sure you find the right size. To get their torso length, while your dog is standing, measure from the base of their neck to the base of their tail and add a couple of inches to this measurement, too. Remember that if your dog is between sizes, choose a size up for fit and comfort.

Clothing can be soothing and may help anxious dogs stay calmer. Clothing that hugs their body, like t-shirts or calming caps, can sometimes help keep them at ease, especially during stressful or noisy situations. Anxiety wraps and coats are made specifically for anxiety, and you and your dog may find them helpful in times like car rides, nail trims, home visitors and when the vacuum is running.

From large dog accessories to puppy apparel, there are many ways to adorn your dog and add to their natural charm. The best dog accessories fit snugly but with enough room to keep your pet comfortable, and they will be easy for you to put on and remove. You want to look for items that fit your dog’s personality, size and stage in life.

Small dog accessories include things like mini bow ties, dog scarves and little hair clips. Cute dog accessories like birthday hats and novelty headbands bring extra festivity to the party. There is no shortage of ways to dress up your dog and show off their sense of style.

If you’re looking to enhance your pup’s wardrobe, you’ll need the right dog apparel. Shop a wide selection of dog accessories at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center or online. Find top dog apparel and puppy clothes, bow ties, scarves, hats and more.