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Flea Collars for Dogs: How They Work and When to Use Them

When the bugs are biting, come to Petco and help protect your pup with flea collars for dogs.

Once temperatures are on the rise, there’s little your furry family member loves more than to play outside or walk through their favorite park. They also run the risk of coming in contact with pesky parasites. Even indoor pets need protection from these insects as they can be carried in by anyone who comes in and out of your home. Petco carries collars for puppies and dogs that can give your furry family member a formidable defense against ticks and fleas.

But do flea collars work, you might ask yourself? The proof is in the protection. Most flea collars for dogs effectively repel fleas from your pup by emitting a safe, controlled dose of insecticide that kills invading pests on contact. Secure the collar around your pup’s neck when you’re ready to head outdoors, knowing they’ll be likely to run and jump somewhere they might pick up fleas. If your pet already has unwanted guests, you’ll want a flea collar that works to actively kill, rather than repel, fleas and stop them from reinvading.

The selection of flea and tick collars for dogs you will find at Petco can remain effective for several months, meaning you won’t have to apply treatment daily. Additionally, many help protect your pooch from both fleas and ticks, and these collars are ideal if your pet lives near a heavily wooded area as these are prime places for parasites. Moreover, if you have a pooch that likes to play in the water, you’ll find some flea collars that are water resistant, meaning their pest protection won’t wash away.

If you’re wondering whether flea collars for puppies and dogs are the right choice for your pet, remember that it is always best to consult your pet’s veterinarian to help you create the best flea prevention plan. Check out Petco’s flea and tick dog collars to give your furry family member a fighting chance against these irritating insects.