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Wireless Fencing

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Wireless Electric Dog Fence and Dog Perimeter Fences

You want to give your dog plenty of room to run and play while also ensuring their security. However, building a physical fence may be time-consuming, expensive or impractical for many pet parents. An excellent solution can be an electric dog fence.

FAQs About Wireless Electric Dog Fences

A wireless dog perimeter fence usually includes a transmitter, perimeter dog collar and visual cues. The transmitter uses radio frequencies to help create an adjustable invisible perimeter, your dog wears a collar that detects the field, and when your pet crosses the boundary, the collar emits a correction. This correction, which can be tonal or static, has been compared to a splash of cold water. It is designed not to harm your dog, only to surprise them enough to disincentivize the incorrect behavior. The correction can also be adjusted to match the sensitivity level of your dog.

The visual cues are typically small flags placed along the barrier’s front edge to help your dog understand the boundary. Over time, your dog should naturally get a sense of the border, and the visual cues may no longer be necessary.

Petco also offers electronic dog training collars & accessories for you to add to your wireless pet fence system.

When used as intended and introduced appropriately, wireless electric dog fences can be effective. You will often need to spend time and effort to help your pup learn your expectations. Many wireless pet fences also include suggested training guides.

Over time, many dogs can learn to understand and respect the wireless pet fence. If your dog continues to struggle, you may consider hiring a certified dog trainer. You may also like our other dog training and behavior solutions.

Neither a wireless electric dog fence nor a wired dog fence is inherently better than the other. It all depends on the preferences, circumstances and budget of each pet family.

A wired pet fence requires the installation of wires a few inches underground to create the perimeter. It can be more work-intensive upfront than a wireless dog fence but may also be less expensive. Additionally, wired fences can often help give you more control over your perimeter’s exact size and shape.

A wireless invisible dog fence can sometimes be relatively simple to set up, requires little or no yard work and is designed to be transportable to different locations. Ultimately, the right answer is different for each pet parent. Check out all our electric dog fence systems.

You can find a variety of different wireless dog fences at Petco. You’ll want to take a look at the features of each system to see if they fit your needs as well as the price to ensure that it fits your budget.