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Dog Water Bottles

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Dog Water Bottles

When it’s time to travel, go on a long walk or enjoy a challenging hike with your dog, don’t forget to bring water for them. You already know it’s important for you to stay hydrated throughout the day—and the same goes for your dog, especially during outdoor exercise. Dog water bottles from Petco help make it simple to carry water for your dog no matter where you go. Many water bottles include detachable dog bowls, so your dog can easily drink from the bowl. The bowl can also hold food and doggy snacks—it’s up to you.

FAQs About Dog Water Bottles

The best way to use your portable dog water bottle depends on its design. For example, some products come with a dog water bottle bowl attached to the bottle. For these products, you can simply unscrew the bowl, pour water into the bowl and set the bowl on the ground for your dog to drink. Make sure to read the instructions of your mobile dog water bottle before use to understand how it works. You can also look at all our dog water bottles and travel bowls designed specifically for outdoor and travel use.

It’s easy for a dog water dispenser to get dirty over time. Pour out any excess water and clean the dispenser after each use. Many dog water bottles are dishwasher safe, but make sure you read the washing instructions carefully. Some products may be top shelf only, while others may require you to hand wash. When washing your dog’s water bottle, consider also washing your at-home dog bowls as well as it can be easy to forget to clean them regularly.

When to give your dog water during a trip will depend on several factors, including the size of your dog, the temperature and whether or not you are engaging in physical activity. Larger dogs are going to need more water than smaller dogs and may require more water breaks. You’ll also want to offer water more often during tough hikes and when the weather is warm—use your own thirst as a good cue. When you stop for a water break, provide your dog water as well. Also, keep an eye on your dog. If you notice excessive panting or they seem tired, those could be signs that your dog is dehydrated and needs water right away.