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Dog Waste Disposal

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Dog Waste Disposal

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, or whether you’re in an apartment or have a large backyard, having a good set of dog waste disposal solutions will help set you up for success in a clean, hygienic household.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pick up pet waste with a pooper scooper or bag, throw it into a trash bag, double wrap the bag and place it immediately in outdoor garbage. Keeping your dog’s waste in a kitchen or regular trash can is not advised. A dog waste septic tank can be a great solution for disposing of your dog’s poop to break down and return to the soil.

We have waste disposal systems that can work to dispose of your dog’s poop and then speed the rate of natural waste digestion, breaking down into a liquid that can safely return to the soil. These can be a non-toxic way of eliminating your pet’s waste using a blend of bacteria and protein enzymes instead of plastic bags and increasing trash and waste buildup in landfills.

This depends on your dog and how you intend to use the scooper. What may be the best pooper scooper for large dogs may not be the best for a small breed. Pet parents may choose an easy pickup claw scoop, a rake and scoop set or even a foldaway pooper scooper. Determine which surfaces you will be using the tool on most often and the size of your dog’s poops to choose the best dog pooper scooper for you.

Cleaning up after your pet inside can be a tough task, especially when cleaning off the carpet. Aside from stains, odor and bacteria can also linger. Check out dog carpet cleaning solutions and dog odor removal cleaners to effectively clean the inside of your home after an accident.