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effective yard control with dog repellents and dog spray systems that detect intruders

Many dogs enjoy being outside. Whether they're sniffing the perimeter of a yard to get a better sense of who and what else has been there or playing fetch with their pet parents, dogs have an innate zest for spending time outdoors. As many pet parents understand this about their dogs, it sometimes isn't as easy to be understanding with neighboring dogs. This has led many pet parents to utilize a type of dog spray or other special devices that can be used as effective dog repellents to prevent their dogs as well as other dogs from entering certain areas of their yard. From ensuring the safety of their garden and flowerbeds to the health and rich green coloring of their lawns, there are various reasons for people to utilize dog repellents to keep dogs and other animals off of their lawns, gardens and yards. As it can be a nuisance for your neighbor's dog or even your own dog to eliminate on your prized patch of peonies or dig up your favorite bed of marigolds, there are yard control supplies that have been specially developed to repel dogs from even entering your yard. By utilizing these particular types of dog spray repellents, you can keep dogs out of certain areas of your yard, lawn or garden and maintain healthy and attractive landscaping. Check out these dog-repelling yard control supplies and more conveniently online at today! While burying a bone or toy in the yard or flower bed may seem like a dog-gone good time for some dogs, it may not be such a good time for their pet parents and families. This is why there are spray dog repellents that can be used to train dogs to stay clear of certain areas within your home, yard and garden. There is Lambert Kay Boundary Indoor/Outdoor Dog & Cat Repellent, which is a cat and dog spray that is effective in repelling pets for up to 24 hours, when used daily. Safe for use on household furniture and carpeting, this dog-repelling spray is safe for the environment as it does not contain any CFCs or other substances known to affect the ozone layer. Another effective yard control aid is the Contech Scarecrow, which helps to keep dogs and other animals off your yard by spraying them with water. Find the right lawn control device or dog repellent today at Petco!