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Dog Repellents & Attractants

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Dog Repellents and Attractants

Even the most well-trained dogs can get up to mischief. Petco offers dog attractant spray as well as dog repellent, which can both be used as part of your dog training plan.

FAQs About Dog Repellents and Attractants

Many pet parents and dog trainers swear by dog attractant sprays, but every pet is different. It’s important to introduce the solution properly and use it as directed. When you get an attractant, place a small amount on the area where you want your dog to go and then bring your dog into the area. Your dog may show immediate interest in the spot if the attractant is working. If your dog doesn’t show interest in the attractant, consider trying another brand or other training solutions.

Dog repellents can sometimes be in the form of a scent-based dog repellent spray. The scents vary, but some common scents that help keep dogs away include citrus, chili pepper, vinegar, ammonia and rubbing alcohol. A dog’s sense of smell is much more acute than a human’s, so you may not smell a thing, while it is designed to help keep your dog away from the spot with the repellent.

Some dog repellents can also be used as a cat repellent spray. If you want to keep your canine or feline off certain pieces of furniture or out of certain rooms, the same repellent can often work for both of your pets.

Dog attractant spray can work to help entice your dog to come to a certain spot. While the attractant spray itself won’t cause your dog to pee, it can sometimes be a useful tool in your dog potty training kit.

When you know it’s close to the time your dog does their business, use the attractant spray to entice them to their puppy pad or to the outdoor spot where you want them to go. If they do go in the right place, use praise and treats to encourage the behavior. Dogs are very scent-driven and will often be more likely to return to a spot where they’ve gone in the past.