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Dog Training Harnesses

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Dog Training Harnesses

Pet parents can enjoy stress-free walks with their dog by using a dog harness from Petco. A dog training harness allows you to offer more guidance to your pet, helping to prevent them from running, lunging or jumping during walks. The harness wraps around your dog’s torso, allowing you to more easily steer your pet during walks as well as quickly redirect inappropriate behavior. Now you can enjoy your surroundings during walk times with your dog so much more.

FAQs About Dog Training Harnesses

A good training harness will fit your dog snugly without digging into their skin. It will also allow you to control your dog during walks better so that you can teach them not to lunge, jump or run when they get excited. Any dog harness that meets these criteria will be a great option for you and your pet. For more information on shopping for a dog training harness, take a look at our guide on choosing the best dog harness, collar or leash.

The answer depends on your canine. If your dog has a calm and subdued personality, you may be able to walk them just fine with a leash connected directly to their collar. However, if your dog likes to run after squirrels or lunge at other dogs during your walk, then a no-pull dog training harness can give you the control you need to discourage this behavior. Many puppies train better in harnesses as they learn how to walk effectively with their pet parents. Larger breeds that can be more difficult to control may also do well in harnesses.

One other big benefit of a dog training harness is that it spreads pressure across a dog’s torso instead of pulling across their sensitive throat. This can make an easy walk harness a good choice for any dog with breathing issues—including breeds known for sensitive airways, like pugs. You can find all your essential dog training supplies and equipment for puppies and dogs at Petco.

Many dogs will pull against their leashes in their excitement to explore the world around them during walks. Aggressive pulling—especially from larger breeds—can make it difficult for pet parents to control their dog if the leash is only attached to the collar. An especially strong dog may even injure a pet parent or themselves or break loose from their walker’s grasp.

A no-pull dog training harness can be the right solution in such situations. A dog harness wraps around a dog’s torso, giving the pet parent much more control over their dog. When their dog begins to pull, the pet parent can use the dog training harness to stop the dog’s forward progress. With time, training and the right easy walk harness, most dogs will learn not to pull. Take a look at the nine best dog harnesses for small and large dogs to find out more.