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Dog Training Clickers & Whistles

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Dog Training Whistles and Clickers

Many pet parents choose to use a dog clicker or dog whistle when training their pup.

FAQs About Dog Whistles and Clickers

A dog clicker can be an excellent tool to help when training dogs using positive reinforcement. Many pet parents have had success with this solution, and it may help you teach your dog basic cues—plus fun and advanced tricks. In addition to finding the best dog training clicker, effective training systems usually include treats and praise.

Dog clickers and dog whistles are two different tools that can be used within your pup’s training regimen. A dog training whistle is often used as a cue to signal to your dog what you want them to do. The sound of the whistle carries a long way, and some can be used to create several signals—like to start, turn or stop.

The best dog clicker use is as an event marker. That means that it’s a way to tell your dog that they just exhibited the correct behavior—similar to a checkmark checking off an item on a list. This event marker can help encourage your pup to repeat the marked behavior and be used as a signal before a treat or praise as a reward is given. For more information on the best ways to train your dog, check out our dog training services and classes.