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Dog Toy Boxes & Storage

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Dog Toy Boxes and Storage

You’ve undoubtedly spoiled your dogs with lots of toys—as you should. But having all those toys scattered around the house can be a nuisance. Lucky for you, we carry plenty of options for a dog toy bin. From baskets and boxes to bins, Petco has a wide variety of solutions from some of the top brands that can help keep your pup’s playthings organized and in one place.

FAQs About Dog Toy Storage

After you’ve had your fun with your pet around the backyard with frisbees or playing with squeaker balls, gather everything up and put it into your dog toy basket and continue with your day. We have storage options of all shapes, sizes and colors, and even some that can be specifically made for you and your pet.

Petco’s selections for dog toy storage come with easy-to-understand instructions if assembly and tear down are needed.

This all depends on several factors: the size, personality, breed, chewing habits and age of your dog. Petco provides toy options for all types and sizes of dogs. Try out a few different ones and see which ones work best for your pup. It can be a good idea to keep a collection of a variety of toys to help spice it up and have fun with your pet in multiple ways.

Puppies will often want to play with many different types of toys as well as their parent. Treat your puppy with an array of toy options to choose from. Balls and tug toys are particularly good for using up their excess energy, and you’ll definitely want to invest in a few chew toys to help with the teething process.

Some of the best toys for puppies might be teething rings, interactive puzzles, rubber toys, fetch sticks and plush toys. However, some toys may pose a choking hazard, so it’s important to review the product information so that you’re certain you're giving your pup size-appropriate and age-appropriate toys. To help protect both your pup and your home, check out Petco’s checklist of how to puppy-proof your home.

This depends on your specific dog. Just because you may have an above-average-sized dog doesn't necessarily mean they will always like the toys that other large dogs like. It’s all about experimenting with several varieties and allowing your dog to pick their favorite one.

Typically, the most durable and long-lasting dog toys are made up of hard rubber or thick rope.