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Dog Stool Eating Deterrent

Dogs can be amazing companions. But as many dog people know, our pups can also drool, drink out of the toilet and then come right over to you for kisses. For some dog parents, their loving pet may also eat feces.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons why your pup may pick up this habit. Here are a few:

  • They have anxiety Just like us, pets sometimes develop coping mechanisms when they’re stressed. Coprophagia in dogs could potentially be a sign your dog is anxious. They could be worried about being confined or if they were punished. They may also have separation anxiety.

  • Diet Dog stool ingestion is sometimes caused by a lack of nutrients in your canine’s food. It could be the brand or the feeding schedule. It’s always good to consult your veterinarian on the quality and quantity of the food you’re providing.

  • Giving birth New dog moms have the natural instinct to make sure the area they raise their puppies in is clean. Eating their offspring’s stool can sometimes be a way they try to do that.

There are instances where Coprophagia in dogs may be harmful to your pup. If they’re eating their own stool, it may sometimes be harmless, except for the possibility of stomach upset. However, if your dog is consuming the leavings of others, they might run the risk of picking up an infectious disease or parasite from the other animal. It’s definitely a good idea to utilize one of our many Coprophagia deterrents to help correct this behavior.

One often effective way to help prevent Coprophagia is to find the reason for the behavior. If your dog is eating their own feces, Petco’s Coprophagia deterrents for dogs may help make the wastes unappetizing for them to consume. Stool-eating deterrent soft chew supplements for dogs are designed to be tasty for dogs, and we also carry Coprophagia deterrent powder.

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