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Dog Slow Feeders

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Dog Slow Feeders

Slow feeders or interactive feeders slow down the speed at which dogs consume their food. They can help prevent speedy eaters from vomiting or choking at mealtimes. If your dog eats very quickly and then gets gassy or bloated, then a dog slow feeder can help improve their health and comfort.

FAQs About Dog Slow Feeders

Yes, you can put wet dog food in a slow feeder. However, there are licking mats that are specifically designed for wet dog food or dog food toppers. If you are going to use a slow feeder bowl, be sure to clean it before each feeding.

Dog slow feeders work by making it more difficult for your dog to gulp down a meal. Dogs either need to eat around obstacles or solve simple puzzles to get access to their dog food.

Dog slow feeders can help prevent discomfort, bloating and vomiting.