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Dog Shirts & Tank Tops

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Dog Shirts: T-shirts, Tank Tops & Polos for Dogs

Find a fun and festive t-shirt for your pup here at Petco. Shop for dog shirts, tank tops, graphic tees, and onesies. Our high-quality styles are suitable for every dog, from puppies to seniors. Opt for a doggie shirt that’s breathable and lightweight, so your pup won’t be bothered by excess fabric. In addition, make sure your dog is comfortable wearing clothing and opt for a bandana or decorative collar if they don’t like wearing t-shirts.

FAQs about Dog Shirts

Dog t-shirts can be tricky to make on your own. Luckily, we have plenty of t-shirts to choose from, in all dog shapes and sizes.

Dogs can wear clothes for a variety of reasons—whether they’ll warm up your pup, keep them waterproof, or help them join in on festivities with the rest of the family.

Your dog’s shirt size may vary depending on the style of the shirt. Check the product description for measurements before purchasing.

Since dogs have different body types than their human counterparts, they won’t fit in our clothes very well. But with all the choices available for dog shirts at Petco, they won’t need to wear a human shirt!

Putting a t-shirt on a dog likely won’t have the same calming effect as an anxiety vest or Thundershirt. These vests are designed to calm your pup with gentle pressure.