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Pressure Mounted Dog Gates

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Pressure Mounted Dog Gates

As cute and lovable as your puppy is, letting them run freely throughout your house can sometimes lead to problems for both of you. But with a pressure dog gate, you can help keep the curious pup out of areas they shouldn’t be in. The pressure-mounted pet gate can be great for avoiding any damage to the walls of your home while providing an effective barrier for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pressure-mounted dog gate is a barrier that is pushed into place using force between doorways and walkways. They are great for keeping pets out of certain areas and avoiding any damage to the walls in your home.

Pet gates vary in height, and the tension pet gate you decide to go with will depend on several variables. The biggest factor is the size and breed of your dog. Large breeds require taller gates, and smaller breeds will be fine with shorter gates. Also, consider whether your dog is a jumper or not. Most standard pressure-mounted dog gates range from 30- to 36-inches in height, but taller models are available.

Some pet gates take just a few seconds to install, and others require a little more effort. Each pet gate is slightly different, but most can be installed by expanding the width of the gate to the width of your wall and tightening the tension knobs. If you want to save your walls from damage or frequently move your gate from room to room, we recommend getting a pressure-mounted dog gate or a freestanding dog gate. The pressure-mounted gate means no screws, no damage to the wall and it’s easy to install. This pet gate style is much easier to use than others because of its mobility, and it can make containing your pup a simple task.

The best pet gate for your home and pet will vary based on you and your dog’s needs. For example, you may prefer a pressure-mounted pet gate with a door if you have a small dog you want to let through the gate from time to time. While an extra-tall pressure-mounted dog gate might work better for your large breed dog. It mainly depends on the breed of dog you have, their temperament and how you intend to use the gate.

Turning your dog gate into a baby gate isn’t the best or safest option. Some pressure-mounted dog gates may be made with materials that aren’t suitable for babies, like hard metal or wood, while a typical baby gate is made with plastic and is built to be child-proof.