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dog potty: dog potty grass & box | puppy potty

Come to Petco and check out the selection of dog potty grass and box items to help your pup get a leg up on potty training.

Dog potty grass can help for an easier transition for pets used to doing their business in your yard. While a dog or puppy potty box can alleviate the agony of cleaning up inside, your picky pooch may be reluctant to switch up their routine. Petco carries a selection of dog potty grass products that help transition your pup into using an indoor bathroom thanks to its familiar shade of green.

Puppy potty boxes and grass are an especially ideal way to train new puppies how to use indoor pads so you needn’t worry about opening the door for them every time they need to go. Many of the dog potty boxes you’ll find for sale at Petco are tough enough to absorb liquid without leaving messes or leaks behind. This includes odors as well, as many of these dog potty grass and box products contain formulas that work to suppress any unwanted smells. A weekly rinse of the dog potty products is recommended to help keep them tidy and odor-free in your home.

If your pup is in need of encouragement to take care of their business inside, you’ll find dog potty boxes that offer extra protection and privacy for the pet who prefers discretion. Many of these dog potty items are especially ideal for families living in apartments or condos, or those who like to travel often and need a place to keep their pup’s piddle in place.

Help keep your furry family member going on the green with Petco’s dog and puppy potty grass and box products.