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puppy potty training accessories, sprays & more

Shop at Petco for the dog training bells and potty spray that let your pup know when it’s time to go.

Dog training bells can serve many obvious instructive purposes, but one area most pet parents might not initially consider is teaching your pup where to use the bathroom. These dog bells are designed to be hung from a door knob, and rung by your pup when it’s time to go outside and take care of business. With these dog training bells, you won’t have to worry about misreading your precious pup’s signals as they wait by the door. These dog bells come with special instructional DVDs, featuring step-by-step directions to help you train your pet to ring the bell once it’s time to go out. When it’s time to take your pup out to the green, simply ring the bells with their nose or paw on your way out to reinforce the tingling means it’s time for tinkling.

If you’d prefer another method to alerting your household when it’s time to take the dog outside for a quick walk, Petco carries puppy potty training sprays that can be used for effective training outdoors. If your pet’s having a hard time distinguishing indoor padded grass from the real thing as a place to relieve themselves, a quick spritz of this potty training spray can let them know where it’s okay to go. Simply spray the area and allow your pup a sniff until they realize they’re in an approved spot. Be sure to praise them for a job well done so they know to return to the approved area next time. The same process can be repeated outdoors for the same effect.

Teach your pup to sound the alert when it’s time to go out with Petco’s selection of dog training bells and potty sprays.