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Dog Potty Training Accessories

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Dog Potty Training Accessories

Teaching your dog to do their business in the right spot is one of the most common training steps that pet parents face, and there are several widely accepted ways to go about it. At Petco, we offer many products to help potty train dogs, including diapers, dog litter, potty pads, dog potty training spray and artificial grass—all designed to help support your pup’s unique bathroom needs.

FAQs About Dog Potty Training Accessories

Every pet’s bathroom needs can be different, and the appropriate potty training supplies for dogs can depend on their current training progress as well as whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor solutions.

Pet parents living in urban areas or apartments can’t always rely on finding an outdoor space for their dogs to use and may prefer to use potty training aids for dogs like diapers, potty pads or litter boxes as indoor solutions. All three are typically made of absorbent materials that can help prevent urine and feces from ending up on the floor of your living space when used correctly. Some varieties contain odor eliminators that can help avoid smells from filling your home. Pads with artificial grass can provide your pup with the simulated texture of the outdoors that might then help them eventually do their business outside.

At Petco, we also carry products to help potty train dogs ready to graduate to outdoor bathroom use. Potty hydrants come with a scent that can help your pup make the leap from indoor to outdoor use by making grass seem a little more attractive. Training your dog to use a specially designed doorbell may help you and your pet recognize when it’s time to go instead of waiting for accidents to happen. To reward your canine for proper potty usage, we also offer a wide variety of dog treats to help encourage them throughout the training process.

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor dog toilet training solutions, a dog potty training spray can help point your pup in the right direction when it comes to proper bathroom usage. You can choose from repellents to let your pet know where not to go or attractants to let your pet know which bathroom spot is best. Potty training spray for dogs is designed to work with nearly any surface—including pads and natural grass.

The answer to this will often vary based on where you live and where the dog potty area is. Indoor potty areas can contain dog potty training devices like potty pads or litter boxes, while outdoor potty areas are generally made of gravel or grass. Stone can provide excellent drainage for urine, but pet parents who prefer the more natural look and feel of grass can try adding potty rocks to their pup’s water to cut down on nitrites that can yellow or kill natural grass. Odor eliminators and dog potty training spray can also work for indoor or outdoor areas, depending on the needs of your canine.

The success of dog potty training spray will depend on the breed of dog, their temperament and your overall training method. Canines have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses and can be very receptive to pleasing smells. Olfactory cues can sometimes be just as effective as visual cues for some dogs, and providing scent incentives has worked for many pet parents. Whether or not your pup responds positively to dog toilet training solutions like training spray will likely be a matter of proper usage and trial and error.