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Dog Pill Capsules

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Dog Pill Capsules

Giving your dog medication can be difficult and stressful for you and your canine. Replace that stress with a yummy treat by using dog pill pockets from Petco. Pill pouches for dogs are simple to use and can often work wonders. Just tuck the pill inside a delicious treat, and your pup will usually gobble it down happily.

FAQs About Dog Pill Capsules

Your dog doesn’t realize the medication you want to give them is meant to help them feel better. Force-feeding medication to your dog can be difficult and is not advised. A much better alternative is to hide a pill inside of something tasty, like a dog treat. Consult your veterinarian to confirm that dog pill pockets are suitable for your pet.

You can get capsule pill pockets for dogs designed to make it easy to give your best friend the medication and supplements they need. First, choose a dog pill pocket for pills or tablets, depending on what type of medication you want to give your dog. Open the package, take out a treat and follow the instructions. In most cases, you’ll place the medication inside the hollow opening of the treat and then pinch it shut.

It's best to hand-feed your dog a single treat that contains the pill so you can ensure they ingest it. Keep a close eye on your dog to make sure they don’t spit out the pill. Now, medication time can be a quick, simple and positive experience for you and your pup.

At Petco, you’ll find a variety of capsule pill pockets for dogs. There isn’t a single best pill pouch for dogs. Every dog is different and may respond better to some pill pockets over others. Choose a pill or tablet pocket, depending on the type of medication you need to give your dog. Next, experiment with flavors until you find a treat your dog enjoys. Empty capsules for dogs come in flavors like peanut butter, hickory smoke, chicken, cheese and more.

When you find a treat your dog will consume—along with the pill hidden inside—you’ll have the right dog pill pocket for your canine.

Do you need to give your dog medication? Perhaps you want to help ease their anxiety with dog calming treats and aids. Some dogs won’t accept pills by hand. You can try hiding pills in wet food, but it can be difficult to confirm your dog actually ingested the pills. Also, many dogs will either eat around the pill or simply spit it out.

A better option may be to hide the medication in a special treat. A simple home solution is to stick the pill in peanut butter or a piece of soft cheese. For an even simpler solution, consider buying flavored empty dog pill capsules. These are special treats with built-in pockets that allow you to seal in a pill or tablet. Pill pouches for dogs can be a fast and easy way to ensure your dog takes their medication.