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Dog Life Jackets & Swimsuits

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Dog Life Jackets & Swimsuits

Before you plan a day by the water, make sure your dog is outfitted with a special life jacket. Whether you’re planning to go for a swim, out on the boat, or even just hanging by the waterfront, it’s always a good idea to fit them with a life vest. And be sure to double check the size before you make your purchase. They’ll be uncomfortable in a too-small life jacket, and a too-loose life jacket won’t work properly.

FAQs About Dog Life Jackets & Swimsuits

Make sure you look for a high quality and well-designed life jacket for your dog. It should fit well, have a top handle for you to hold, and be brightly colored for visibility.

Yes! Even if you aren’t planning on taking them for a swim, dog life jackets are a necessary precaution. Even the best doggie paddlers can only tread water for so long before getting tired.

The best way to measure a dog for a life jacket is by weight. Most life jackets have weight limits to maintain proper flotation. From there, measure your dog based on the product description of the individual lifejacket.

We sure do! We have a range of dog life jackets for both small and big dogs.