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In-Ground Fencing

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Dog Ground Fencing

Want to let your dog roam free without the cost of building a physical fence? An electric dog fence from Petco could be the answer. An invisible fence can give your dog an audible warning when they approach the underground barrier and then provide a mild static correction that is enough to keep most dogs inside the perimeter.

FAQs About Dog Ground Fencing

Pet parents interested in buying a wireless electric dog fence should understand that they will need to spend time training their dog to understand the new boundary. Underground dog fence kits come with marker flags that can be used to provide a visual aide when the fence is first assembled. Pet parents may want to set the dog’s receiver collar on low or audio-only warnings as the dog begins to learn where the boundary is.

With the right amount of time and training, most dogs will accept the boundary and do well with the invisible fence. However, certain dogs with a strong prey drive or aggressive tendencies may run through the perimeter regardless of correction.

Electric dog fences operate with a wire that you bury a few inches underground around the perimeter you want to set for your dog. Your dog will wear a receiver collar, which will emit an audible warning sound when your dog approaches the boundary. If your dog crosses the border, they will receive a mild static correction from the collar. Most systems allow you to increase or decrease the correction level to find the right amount of discipline for your dog.

With an underground electric fence in place, your dog can enjoy free reign in the yard where they can run, sleep and play with their favorite dog chew toys.

Invisible fences are most effective when pet parents take the time and make an effort to train their dogs to understand and respect the new boundary. Each in-ground fence kit includes flags that you can set up around the border to give your dog a visual representation of their new perimeter. With patience, persistence and training, most dogs can do very well with an underground dog fence.

Electric dog fences are less effective if pet parents don’t train their dogs or if a dog has a high prey drive or high defensive drive. They may cross the barrier to chase a critter or warn off an approaching dog or human despite the correction.