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Dog ID Tags

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Dog ID Tags

Whether you’re picking up a dog collar for your new puppy, or getting a refreshed look for your best furry friend, dog ID tags are a must have for peace of mind. You can even personalize your dog ID tag to match your pup’s personality. Opt for a heart-shape to show that they’re a sweetie, a stainless steel tag if they love a good mud puddle, or even their favorite sports team if they sit and cheer with you during the big game. When purchasing your dog’s ID tag online, you’ll be provided the option to add your pet’s information once the item has been added to your cart. Consider including personal information such as your pet's name, your name, phone number and address.

FAQs About Dog ID Tags

Always include your contact information on your dog’s ID tag—make sure you include the easiest way to reach you, such as a cell phone number. Don’t forget to add your pet’s name, too.

Dog ID tags can be custom made and engraved by most pet speciality retailers, such as Petco.

You can buy a wide variety of dog ID tags from Petco.

Yes. Even if your dog isn’t prone to wander away, it’s a good idea to keep an ID tag on them at all times. In addition to microchipping your dog, ID tags are an easy way for your neighbors to direct your pooch home.

The small loop on your dog’s ID tag should be looped around a split ring. This split ring can then loop around the D ring on your dog’s collar.