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Dog Hoodies

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Apparel and accessories designed for the quality and protection your dog deserves.

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Water-resistant, lightweight winter apparel that bundles them up in warmth—without the bulk.

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Dog Hoodies and Sweatshirts

When the temperatures drop, your pup may need an extra layer to help keep cozy and warm. Petco has an assortment of dog winter weather essentials for you to help keep your canine companion comfortable in chilly temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Sweaters and Hoodies

Your pup can possibly benefit from wearing a hoodie or pet sweater when they need the extra warmth. If you have a large dog with very thick fur, they might not need to wear dog outfits to feel comfortable in chilly weather, and it could possibly overheat them. Toy dogs, elderly dogs and some dog other breeds with thin coats may sometimes require the extra insulation that dog hoodies provide.

If the weather is mild and dry, your pup may be fine to go without a dog sweater or hoodie. But if they have a short coat, less body fat or you notice them shivering, it may be time to get them suited up in a sweatshirt to help keep them warm and to maintain their body heat.

To get your pup properly fitted in their pet apparel, you may need to take some quick measurements. Most dog outfits are sized by back length and chest girth. Find your dog’s back length by measuring from the base of their neck to the base of their tail. For chest girth, you’ll need to measure around the ribcage, right behind their front legs. It can also be helpful to know your pup’s weight to find the right size for their cozy clothes.

Your pet’s dog hoodie should be snug but not tight or constricting in any way. They should be able to move and walk freely without anything dragging or catching. If your pet seems uncomfortable or distressed, remove the outfit right away.

Shop for some fashionable and cozy dog sweatshirts online or at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center.