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Dog Hair Clippers, Shears & Accessories

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Stop the scratching with our Soothe & Repair grooming package

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Dog Hair Clippers and Shears

If you think the use of dog hair clippers and shears is for professionals only, you might be surprised to find out that with a little patience, and the right equipment, that you can give your pooch a salon style trim at home. Unlike trimmers for human hair, dog clippers are specifically designed to get through your pup’s thick fur. Additionally, dog grooming clippers have a more robust motor to help keep them from overheating and wearing out as fast as non-specialized trimmers. You’ll also find replacement blades, as well as cooling and lubricating sprays to reduce friction and keep your dog clippers in tip-top shape. And don’t forget to stock up on other dog grooming supplies including brushes and deshedding tools, nail care, and shampoos and conditioners.

FAQs About Dog Hair Clippers and Shears

Unlike human hair clippers, dog clippers are specifically designed to get through your pup’s thick fur.

The type of clippers groomers use will vary store to store. Petco offers a wide assortment of clippers online and in-store to suit your needs.

A dog’s coat can vary from breed to breed. The best choice of clippers for your pup will depend on the thickness of their coat. We recommend reviewing product specifications to help choose the best clippers for your breed.