Dog Grooming Tables & Arms

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Dog Grooming Tables and Arms

A clean dog is a happy dog. Regular and proper grooming is an essential part of maintaining the well-being of your pet. From routine brushings to full-body baths, grooming helps your dog’s skin and coat stay in good shape while also keeping them comfortable. And a dog grooming table can be an excellent tool to make you feel like a professional groomer at home or get set up for your dog grooming business.

Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on the size of the dog you have. Obviously, large breed dogs like a Labrador Retriever or a German Shepherd need a space to fit their body and hold their weight. Smaller breeds like Beagles and Chihuahuas don’t need nearly as much space or strength. Discover Petco’s wide selection, including both large dog grooming tables and small dog grooming tables.

Depending on what brand of grooming table you want and the size, the price will vary. Some tables that come with a dog grooming arm can be higher priced because of the extra add-on. Dog grooming arms are usually designed to be adjustable and foldable, where you can attach a loop or leash and collar to secure your pup in place.

Each dog is different, with different dispositions and personalities. Take notice of how your dog reacts to water and if they can sit still for any amount of time while being brushed. Round out your grooming kit with towels and hair clippers. With a dog grooming table arm and all the trimmings, you’ll be ready to spiff up your pup in no time. Check out our Dog Grooming Tips for Pet Parents to learn more.

Dog’s coats vary from breed to breed. The best dog clippers for your pet will depend on the thickness of their coat. Be sure to review product specifications and consult your veterinarian before deciding.

The short answer is no. Unlike hair clippers for humans, dog hair clippers are specifically designed to cut through your pup’s thick fur.