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Dog Lawn Burn Treats & Biscuits

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Dog Grass Saver

One of the best things about being the pet parent of a dog is playing fetch or tug-of-war in the yard or just watching your pup roll around in the grass. However, your best friend isn’t always your lawn’s best friend. Dog urine can wreak havoc on your lawn, turning your grass brown or yellow or creating bald patches. One option to help protect your lawn is to use a dog urine neutralizer.

FAQs About Dog Grass Saver

Your dog has to go someplace. Unfortunately, the nitrates and salts in your dog’s urine can kill your grass, creating yellow or bald patches in your lawn. You have several options to address this issue. First, you can try and train your dog to urinate in a spot that isn’t visible or doesn’t include grass. Use treats, praise or toys to help your dog learn this behavior.

Alternatively, you can use lawn patching products. Spraying water in the areas after your dog urinates can help dilute the nitrates and salts. You can even try planting grass that is more resistant to dog urine, such as ryegrass or fescue.

However, one of the easiest solutions is to address the problem at the source, your dog. Try giving your pup grass saver dog treats. These yummy treats include components that bind to the nitrates in your dog’s urine, rendering them harmless to your lawn. The treats are made in flavors dogs enjoy, and many include additional compounds that can help neutralize the smell of dog urine and droppings.

Female dogs often get a bad reputation for being the cause of dog urine killing grass. This is because when a dog squats, they concentrate urine on a single spot. However, puppies, older dogs and even some adult male dogs also squat to urinate. Both male and female dogs can cause dog pee kill spots. If you notice urine burns in your lawn, try a dog urine neutralizer. These tasty treats can work equally well on both male and female dogs. Compounds in the treats bind with the nitrates in your dog’s urine that can damage your lawn. If you want to keep your lawn extra clean, take a look at our cleaning supplies page, which includes many different waste bag options as well as scoopers and other helpful products.

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