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Dog Gate Extension Panels & Accessories

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Dog Gate Extension Panels 

Dog gates and dog exercise pens need to fit both the dog they protect and the physical space they occupy. If you have a rambunctious pup, an extra-large dog or a wide doorway, you may need a wide pet gate extension or a height-extending dog gate panel. Petco’s dog gate extension panels and accessories will help you customize safety barriers for your unique space and the dog that inhabits it. 

FAQs About Dog Gate Extension Panels 

You want a dog gate that’s tall enough to help keep your pup contained but not so tall that it’s cumbersome or difficult for you to maneuver. Many standard-sized dog gates are 30- to 36-inches tall, and this size works well for most dogs. However, if you have an extra-large dog—or a high-jumping escape artist—a low pet gate might not be best. Your options include adding dog gate accessories such as a height extension panel to your existing dog gate or purchasing a tall dog gate. You can find both at Petco, including convenient walk-through dog gates in tall styles.    

Most dog gates are created to be user-friendly. Putting up a dog gate is often as simple as placing the gate in the doorway or entryway where you want to create a barrier, extending the gate until it touches both sides of the doorway and locking it into place according to instructions. If your dog kennel gate panel isn’t wide enough to lock securely into place between the sides of the entryway, you can add a wide pet gate extension to create an appropriately sized barrier. 

You might be used to seeing dog gates indoors, but if you have a deck, you can use an outdoor dog gate at the top of your deck’s stairs to make your deck pet-friendly—no DIY construction required. If the entrance to your gate is wider than a standard entryway, simply use a wide pet gate extension to secure the area. If you have an enclosed backyard but you’re worried about your dog getting under the fence, you can install a dog barrier and dig protection around the perimeter to help keep your dog contained. Once you’ve secured your deck or backyard, you can browse dog doors and flaps that allow your dog to let themselves out for a nap in the sun. 

A wide pet gate extension is just one type of extension gate for dogs. If you want to add a pet door to your home without creating a permanent hole in a wall or door, you can do so using a removable pet screen door or patio door panel. While every model of pet door panel is different, installation is usually as simple as placing a panel in your door frame and securing it using locking devices or screws. This type of pet door has the advantage of being removable without creating structural changes in your home.