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Freestanding Dog Gates

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Freestanding Dog Gates

Keeping your pups out of areas of your home can be simple and even sometimes chic when you use a freestanding dog gate. At Petco, we offer freestanding dog gates for indoor use that come in various finishes to complement the style of your home, including wrought iron or wooden pet gates.

FAQs About Freestanding Dog Gates

Pet gates may vary in height, and the size you select depends on a couple different factors. Mainly the size of your pet. If you have an extra-large pup that you’re trying to keep off stairs with a freestanding dog stair gate, you may need to pick a taller option. Small dogs are often fine with a shorter gate.

Also, take into consideration whether your dog is a jumper. The higher they jump, the taller your pet gate should be.

Standard and retractable pet gates may take some installation before use, but if you want to avoid wall damage or frequently move your gate, a freestanding dog gate can be a solution. One of the biggest advantages of using this pet gate style is its mobility. You can move the gate from room to room without installation, making corralling your pup a breeze.

If you need a pet gate that’s more permanent, traditional or wall-mounted styles may be a better fit for you and your furry family.

Using a pet gate as a baby gate is not always the best option. Pet gates could be made from materials that may not be suitable for babies to use, like wood or hard metal, while baby gates are typically plastic and child-safe. Freestanding dog gates shouldn't be used as a baby gate because they aren’t secured to a wall.

You’ll find a variety of styles of pet gates online or at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center.