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Dog Food Scoops

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Dog Food Scoops

Pet parents can spend a lot of time searching for the right dog food for their pets. One that fits their unique nutritional needs, with a flavor that their dog loves. After all that research, and trial and error, why not make mealtime easier with a pet food scoop? Whether your dog dines on some of the most popular nutritional brands or a veterinary-authorized diet food for a particular condition, ensuring that your canine gets the proper amount of food can be important to their nutrition and maintaining optimal weight.

FAQs About Dog Food Scoops

With a dog food cup or scoop, measuring dog food portions can be quick and accurate. Many are scored on the inside—typically by the cup—to help you portion appropriate amounts of food for your pup. Of course, the amount of food will depend on your pet's size, weight, and age. Consult with your veterinarian or check the portion instructions on your dog food to determine the right amount.

Food scoops can range in size depending on the size of your dog and their eating needs. They typically hold either one or two cups of food, and a plastic food scoop can feature scoring by the half cup, full cup or even two cups—depending on the size or number of dogs you have in your home.

Most dog food is measured in pounds, and most small plastic food scoops measure by the cup, so it can be confusing to convert from one to the other when your pup is hungry. One cup of wet dog food is equal to 8 ounces, 224 grams or .52 pounds, but one cup of dry dog food may be slightly less due to the shape of kibble. While angled, marked pet food scoops are the most accurate way to measure dry food—other than weighing it on a small scale—you can help increase the accuracy of your scoop's measurement by gently sifting and packing the food before pouring it into your dog's bowl.