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Flea Sprays for Dogs

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Flea Spray: Flea and Tick Control for Dogs, House and Yard

When it comes to the fight against pests, flea sprays for your dog, home, and yard are good to have on hand. Eradicating them can be life-saving since they’re known to carry threatening diseases and multiply fast. By utilizing indoor and outdoor treatments, you’ll protect your furry pal from reoccurring flea infestations. Fortunately, Petco carries a wide selection of flea and tick sprays for dogs and homes so you can combat these creepy crawlers on multiple fronts.

To apply flea spray on your dog, spray their entire coat from neck to tail. Take special care when treating the face as you’ll want to avoid spraying the mouth, nose, and eyes. Using a gloved hand, rub the product into your pet’s fur so it travels all the way down into the skin.

Besides flea spray for your dogs, you’ll also need to invest in options for your home. Petco carries flea sprays for inside and outside the house. Even if your pup resides indoors a majority of the time, ticks and fleas can hitch a ride on anyone entering the home, so you’ll want a spray that’s effective on rugs, carpet, and upholstery. Additionally, using flea sprays in your yard and around your house helps create a barrier to keep these parasites at bay.

Whether you’re looking for your pet, home or yard, ensure the flea spray you select kills all life stages of these bloodsuckers including eggs, larvae, and adults. If you’re in need of protection from other pests, keep an eye out for treatments that also serve as bug sprays for dogs. These products kill fleas, ticks, and lice while temporarily repelling gnats, flies, and mosquitos. Help fight fleas and tackle ticks before they become problematic with Petco’s wide selection of sprays for your dog and your home.

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