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Dog DNA Tests

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Dog DNA Tests & Test Kits

Have you ever wondered about your dog’s ancestry? Dog DNA tests can provide information about your dog’s origins and may also provide valuable health and wellness information about your animal. If you have a rescue or mixed-breed dog, DNA test kits can give you an idea of their heritage. While no test result is completely accurate, dog breed analysis using a DNA test kit is better than simply guessing your dog’s breed (or mix of breeds) based on their characteristics and appearance.

FAQs about Dog DNA Tests

While dog DNA test results can be very close to accurate, there’s no way to test at 100% accuracy. There are simply too many dog breeds to keep a record of.

The American Kennel Club doesn’t accept DNA testing from test kits as an indication of dog breed or purebred status.

The best dog DNA test depends on your budget and what you want to find out about your pup. Be sure to read the details for each product, and what information their test provides.

Yes we do! We sell dog DNA kit tests from brands like Orivet, Embark Vet and Wisdom Panel.