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Dog Diapers & Male Wraps

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Diapers for Male and Female Dogs

Accidents happen, but no pet parent enjoys cleaning up a mess. Whether from incontinence, anxiety, or heat, Petco has a selection of diapers for male and female dogs that work hard to put a lock on their leaks. Dog diapers are designed with comfort in mind, as many come with adjustable Velcro tabs to ensure an easy fit. Find single use disposable options or washable varieties. Eco-conscious reusable dog wraps are designed with super absorbent microfiber pads, a leak-preventing barrier, and quick-dry outer fabrics, making them as effective as they are comfortable for your pup.

FAQs about Dog Diapers

Yes! Just like human diapers, dog diapers work to seal in leaks and mess produced by your pup.

Some dogs require the use of diapers due to age or medical issues. If you have concerns about using a diaper on your dog, speak with your veterinarian.

Of course! Petco offers a wide selection of disposable and reusable dog diapers for male and female pups.

It’s recommended to use diapers specifically created for dogs, as they’re designed around the anatomy of your pooch.