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dog diapers: doggie & puppy diapers

Come to Petco for a package of dog and puppy diapers that will have them covered.

Dog diapers are often associated with incontinent or senior dogs, however they can be useful at every life stage. When flying long distances, doggie diapers can even help canines who don’t usually wear coverings to keep their leaks contained. Many pet parents find female dog diapers especially useful when their favorite furred girl goes into heat. And if you discover that your enthusiastic pup has an easily excitable bladder, pick up some puppy diapers to cut down on clean-ups during particularly stimulating moments like joyful homecomings and mealtimes.

Doggie diapers can be especially helpful if you have a canine who’s prone to marking their territory. You’ll find that the dog diapers will discourage this behavior by containing the mess and make the whole housebreaking process a little easier on everyone involved. And if your dog is incontinent or senior, a dog diaper is a great way to help them feel comfortable during this stage in their life. With use, they can make your unpredictable canine a more welcomed visitor when visiting friends or family. If you prefer a convenient cleanup, there are disposable options available. For those looking for a more eco-friendly option, there are some reusable varieties at Petco as well. These washable diapers even have ultra-absorbency liners for overnight wear, so you and your dog can rest easy. Regardless of what style you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a variety of dog diapers that effectively lock in moisture and helps make your home a hygienic place for your dog and your family.

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