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Dog Crate Furniture

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Dog Crate Furniture

Most dogs love to roam, but you don’t always want your pet on the loose. Dog crate furniture can serve many functions—including potty training assistance and help to keep your pup secure. Available in various sizes and colors, stylish dog crate furniture can match your décor and fit perfectly with your other home accessories. When an attractive piece of wooden dog crate furniture can give your dog a comfortable place to retreat, everyone is happy.

FAQs About Dog Crate Furniture

Your dog’s sleep space is up to their pet parent, whether they sleep with you in bed, in a crate, in a designated dog bed or another area of the house. A comfortable and quiet place for your pup to relax can help them understand that when it’s time to go inside the crate means it’s time to sleep. Cozy dog crate beds and pads can be great solutions for pets who have a hard time sleeping or get overstimulated at bedtime. Many dogs do better with their own zone for sleeping, but it can be good to put the crate in or near your bedroom so your dog doesn’t feel isolated.

Especially if you have a large dog, crate furniture may be a better option than letting them sleep in your bed. You can also use a dog crate with divider to make a separate sleep space for your dog that you can adjust as they grow.

If you’re using a wire dog kennel, draping a blanket over it can sometimes help create a sense of security and privacy for your pup. Blankets may be less necessary with dog crate furniture with sturdier walls, but your dog may still prefer the added shade and warmth, especially at nighttime. Blankets can help make your dog feel less distracted and more able to fall asleep with ease.

You should not use a blanket over your dog’s crate as punishment or to isolate them after unwanted behavior. You want your dog to associate their dog crate bed and their blanket with calm and peaceful refuge.

Whether you want a dog crate end table to fit the corner by your couch or XL dog crate furniture for your large-breed pet, your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center has options to fit your style and needs. If you want triple doors for multi-access options or dog crate furniture that comes with cushions and trays, you can find a solution that works for you and your pet in-store or online.