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Solid Color Dog Collars

Many pet parents shop for a dog collar based on their function, look, style or some sort of combination. If you fancy yourself a fashion-forward pet parent, many of the solid dog collars we carry at Petco have matching harnesses and leashes. They also come with D-rings, so attaching and detaching your dog’s leash and ID tag is simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A collar is a great way to keep appropriate identification on your pup at all times. Plus, a well-fitting collar or harness is required to leash your dog while on a stroll through the neighborhood or local park.

Dog collars come in a variety of styles, colors and materials, and are used for several different purposes. Use Petco’s guide to find the best one for your best friend.

Reflective dog collars like a yellow reflective dog collar have reflective features for added visibility during nighttime walks. They are a fantastic accessory for evening walks. The unique stripes and special details help reflect light to provide better visibility for dogs walking in low light conditions. These are especially useful if you live or walk near busy roads or high-traffic places.

Each dog is different and unique. Some may not even know that they have a collar around their neck, and some may do anything to get out of wearing one. It depends on their personality. However, your dog wearing their collar or harness will gradually help them get used to it for either short or long periods.

Leash training is an essential part of pet parenthood. Start out by getting them used to wearing a collar or harness indoors before venturing outside. Practice walking on a leash around the house or around the backyard.