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Dog Coats & Jackets

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Dog Jackets and Raincoats

Suit up your pup and maintain their daily walking routine in all kinds of weather with dog jackets and raincoats from Petco. Although some dog breeds can endure cold, wet, or snowy climates well, others can benefit from dog outerwear to help them stay warm and dry. A dog coat or rain jacket can be especially helpful for walking dogs that don’t like to get wet. Jackets, in addition to other outdoor dog gear essentials like booties, sweaters, and collar lights, are a key part of any pet parent’s arsenal against the elements.

FAQs about Dog Jackets and Raincoats

In specific situations, dog coats can be beneficial to help your pet stay warm and to prevent their skin from getting dry or inflamed. That said, whether your dog actually needs a coat will depend on a variety of factors including life stage, size, breed, and fur type.

There is no hard-and-fast rule about when a dog requires a coat to go outside. Each dog has their own tolerance for the cold. That said, if it’s too cold for you, it’s likely too cold for them. Generally speaking, you may try to limit your time outdoors in the winter. But if you’re taking your pup outside in the cold, be sure to outfit them in the proper winter dog gear prior to heading out.

The proper measurements will depend on the specific style of coat you’re looking to purchase. Some will require you measure the length and girth of your pup, while others will require a neck to tail measurement. Review individual product specifications to help determine the right size product for your dog.