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dog Christmas presents: Christmas & Hanukkah dog toys & gifts

Gift your dog with a set of Christmas presents, toys and gifts from Petco and get them in a jolly mood this holiday season. These festive and funny dog Christmas presents are a great way for you and your pup to enjoy the season together and further grow the bond you share. For the kosher canine, browse through our selection of Hanukkah dog toys to give to your pup over the seven days of gifting. Your holiday hound will find plenty of reasons to celebrate with any number of the multi-textured Christmas & Hanukkah dog toys you’ll find for sale at Petco.

Pet parents are always looking for ways to treat their four-legged family members and the holidays are never short on reasons to celebrate. With toys that include interactive squeakers, rope limbs, plush bodies and bouncing balls, there are fun-filled dog Christmas present options for just about any play style. From chewable wreaths to toys based on the imagination of Dr. Seuss, the dog Christmas gifts you’ll find at Petco this holiday should satisfy even the grinchiest growler.

The holidays can be an overwhelming time for many pets, and Christmas is no different. All the increased noise, new smells and general festivities of the season can potentially stress out your furry family member. Some fun and funny dog Christmas presents may be just the distraction they need to focus their attention on something enjoyable and relaxing. Pet parents looking for additional Christmas or Hanukkah dog toy options to lavish upon their pooch will merrily find a wealth of specialized toys you can add to their holiday haul, including those with hidden away treats to help hold their attention.

Help make your barker’s Boxing Day one for the books with some special Christmas presents from Petco made just for them.