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Dog Holiday Sweaters & Outfits

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Dog Christmas Sweaters and Christmas Outfits

Petco understands that your dog is a part of the family, and every holiday is a special occasion to celebrate with them. That’s why we carry a variety of holiday dog clothes so they can ring in the holiday season by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a Christmas outfit for your dog comes down to fit and comfort. Your pup may feel fine in a dog Christmas sweater, but a full dog Christmas costume might be too much. Always take their comfort and dislikes into consideration.

Other things to consider:

  • Size Make sure the measurements of the dog holiday outfit work for your pup. Nothing too tight or too loose, so they feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Material Think about whether your dog will be wearing the clothing indoors or out. Is the material too heavy or too light for the weather?

Some dogs may quickly take to wearing a festive holiday outfit, while others may need time to adapt. Take your time to introduce simple pieces of clothing at first; then, you can move on to costumes and more intricate outfits.

Reward your dog each step of the way, giving them treats and attention to positively reinforce their acceptance of their new holiday outfits.

If you start your puppy off with a positive association with wearing clothes, you’ll find it easier for them to move on to dog Xmas outfits in no time. Training a puppy while they’re young—from 8- to 14-weeks old—is especially helpful. This is when they’re learning about the world around them, forming positive associations, and this also works for clothing your festive pet.