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Dog Car Harnesses

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Dog Car Harnesses

Cars can be fun and exciting for humans and dogs, taking you to new places and adventures. However, cars can also be dangerous, and millions of car accidents occur every year. You can help make sure your canine car companion is as safe and secure as possible by using a dog car harness while on the road.

FAQs About Dog Car Harnesses

Most dog car harnesses work in conjunction with your car’s existing seatbelt strap or seatbelt buckle to help secure your dog in an upright, sitting position in the backseat. Often, there will be a harness—like a standard walking harness—which your dog will wear, but it can have extra components that allow it to be attached to the car seat belt.

How you secure the dog car harness to your vehicle will depend on what kind of dog car seat harness you have and what type of vehicle you have. You’ll usually put your dog car harness on your pup, over their head, and secure it around their chest and upper torso. You’ll want it snug, but you should be able to put two fingers between it and your dog. The harness will then attach to your vehicle’s seat belt or seat belt buckle for safer car rides.

Many pet parents allow their dogs to be free in the car. However, this can be very dangerous. Just how human seat belts can save lives and help protect us in car accidents, a dog car harness can be the difference between life and death for your dog in a hazardous event. In addition, using a dog harness for car rides helps protect your dog, yourself, other passengers and drivers on the road. Additionally, it’s against the law to drive with an unrestrained dog in many places—including 8 US states.