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Dog Car Accessories

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Dog Car Accessories

Your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center has the dog car accessories you need to help keep your pets more comfortable on the go. From the moment you bring your new dog home, you’ll want to be sure that they are well taken care of while you both explore the outside world. Whether you both are going for a walk in nature, a ride in the car or for an overnight trip, Petco has the leading brands of dog travel gear that help make trips more enjoyable for your dog.

FAQs About Dog Car Accessories

While some states legally require some sort of canine-specific harness while in the car, it is otherwise recommended to use either a dog car seat, dog car harness or dog seat belt while traveling. For more tips on the best ways to travel with your pets, consult our Guide on Best Practices When Traveling with Your Dog.

Choosing the best dog travel accessories can depend on several factors, including the size of your dog and the type of vehicle you drive. Here are just a few types of gear you can use for dog car travel:

  • Dog Car Seat More of a traditional dog bed that rides lower on the seat and is secured by your vehicle’s safety belt.
  • Dog Car Booster Seat For smaller dogs, this is much like a raised car seat that allows your dog to see higher up than a regular seat.
  • Dog Car Hammock This item lays in your back seat to allow your dog movement while preventing them from climbing back and forth between seats.
  • Dog Carriers/Kennels For pets that fare better traveling in a more secure space, these mobile carriers and kennels can be secured in most places in your vehicle.

When used correctly, dog car accessories like car and booster seats can provide protection that your dog wouldn’t receive if loose in the car. Dog car booster seats can utilize your car’s own safety belts to secure the seat, and many are crash-tested to help maximize your pet’s security. Many booster seats also feature additional dog travel accessories like a tether for increased security.