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Bully Sticks

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Bully Sticks

Designed to last, bully sticks are enticing tough chews that can help deter your dog from chewing up off-limit items like shoes and even furniture. In addition to helping satisfy that instinct to chew, they can also help clean teeth and gums. At Petco, we carry mini, medium and large versions to appeal to dogs of all sizes.

FAQs About Bully Sticks

Bully sticks, also known as pizzle sticks, are digestible chew treats made from bull pizzle (or penis). Petco offers several alternative pizzle sticks made of beef or pork.

We recommend speaking with your veterinarian, as the best advice may depend on your dog’s specific health needs.

That depends on your dog and how enthusiastically they chew. We recommend supervising your dog while they gnaw on their bully stick and removing it once it gets small enough to be a choking hazard or develops sharp edges.